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Why did you decide to register to this race?

The opportunity to enjoy the amazing scenery in good company and to
escape the rat race for a couple of days.

What kind of trip you expect LWC to be?

An epic adventure against the forces of nature and an ultimate battle of
wills not to laugh too much.

Tell something about your team. What does the name stand for?

Our agile, speedy (or even faster than lightning) and flexible team:
Virva “Guilty” Vuorenpää, Iia “Juvenile Paparazzi” Vuorenpää, Aino “Navigator” Sihvola
and Laura “Hangaround” Hallapää.

Our team name is a modern version of an old-time house for the extended
family – good friends included!

What is the longest distance you have traveled in terrain (by foot) in 24 hours?

As this team approximately 4,22 K but individually or in smaller groups
between 25–111 K.

What’s your goal in LWC?

Not a victory, but a crushing victory – especially over the mosquitos!

Looks like team Vuorenpeikkolan Väki (Iia Vuorenpää, Aino Sihvola, Laura Hallanpää and Virva Vuorenpää) are having fun already…
Vuorenpeikkolan Väki simulating a break in Vätsäri-like boulder field.