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Why did you decide to register to this race?

Tommi: This must be the greatest “running” race ever organized in Finland. The area is also unknown to me so this is a great opportunity to see new

Manu: I have been thinking about a longer hike in Lapland for several years on and summer 2020 was already planned for this because of my 40th
birthday. Therefore I didn’t have to hesitate a minute when the registration started with the early bird offer. What really made my day was the fact my actual birthday is during the race! Will I have cake? Are there any presents? We will see.

What kind of trip you expect LWC to be?

Distance covered will be longest ever for both of us. It is going to be a tough and demanding race but at the same time a rewarding experience. A journey to remember.

Tell something about your team. What does the name stand for?

The “Raivo” part is from the name of Manu’s rogaining team “Raivojuoksijat“. The “Eemelit” part is from Tommi’s team “RC Eemeli“.

Editor’s note: In 2019, Manu won Finnish Rogaining Championsips with Jeremy Palmer. See also video of Manu’s and Tommi’s 22 hour/100 K run in Saariselkä wilderness area.

What is the longest distance you have traveled in terrain (by foot) in 24 hours?

About 148 km for Tommi in NUTS Karhunkierros. Total distance was over 160 km, but it took longer than 24 hours.

Longest recorded distance for Manu is from 2019 rogaining Finnish championships, where he did 131 km. Possibly more in some previous races.

What’s your goal in LWC?

To see new beautiful places, test our limits in multi-day races and of course to be ones with most control points taken in the finish line. 🙂

Manu Humppi and Tommi Lahtonen running in Saariselkä region in 2019.
Tommi and Manu on the top if Hirvaspää fell in Saariselkä during their 22 hour/100K run+hike.