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Why did you decide to register to this race?

We had never heard about a race like this before, and once we found out about it we immediately decided to participate. Because, why not? If something like this is organised in Lapland, we would sure regret it later if we missed it.

What kind of trip you expect LWC to be?

We expect something like the one and only 24 h rogaining we have done before, just repeated five times! We expect to be dealing with blisters, mosquitos and despair but also stunning views and good feelings (at least after crossing the finish line).

Tell something about your team. What does the name stand for?

We are very excited about adventure and rogaining races but still quite beginners. We both had been thinking for years that it would be so cool to participate in an adventure race and it was something like five years ago when we found each other as team members. For us the thing is to be able to participate and do something that a few years ago we didn’t even know we could do. And we are happy if we make it to the finish line and even happier if we were not last.

Our team name Rasti-Sorsat reminds a bit of an orienteering club since many club names in Finland start with “Rasti” (which means the control point). Sorsa (a duck) is in the name just because it fits and doesn’t set the expectations too high. And to be honest, our movement towards the finish line can often look as smooth as ducks trying to run…

What is the longest distance you have traveled in terrain (by foot) in 24 hours?

About 75 km.

What’s your goal in LWC?

To enjoy the journey, push ourselves beyond the comfort zone, overcome the (mental) obstacles and finish in time, feeling tired but happy.

The name of the team Rasti-Sorsat (Kaisa Kurvinen and Essi Kostiainen) is ment to not set expectations too high.