Alpo Kuusisto and Pekka Sorjonen

Why did you decide to register to this race?

Lapland Wilderness is primitive and pure, in spirit of the Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic. You don’t need special tasks when every hour is adventure. Hopefully there would be more events like this.

What kind of trip you expect LWC to be?

Long, cold, rich in mosquitoes. Immersion in wilderness. Quiet.

Tell something about your team. What does the name stand for?

Karen’s makes the best pizza of the Latin Americas. They are also fond of adventure racing.

Editor’s note: Alpo and Pekka are experienced adventures who have completed several multi-day events and other adventures. Alpo is also a kickbike legend.

What is the longest distance you have traveled in terrain (by foot) in 24 hours?

About 125 km I think.

What’s your goal in LWC?

Try to keep us fresh enough to enjoy it. While Lapland is familiar, we’ve never been to these specific areas before.