This team of two zoologists works realiably as Kalashnikov – but is far more peaceful.

Anna & Elena

Why did you decide to register to this race?

I (Anna) like the nature of Karelia and Russian part of Laplandia – I’ve already travelled there with tents before. Honestly, I am a traveller more than a runner. But during last 10 years I’ve taken part in many races: rogain, orienteering, trailrunning – this kind of stuff. Your idea combined the both: long-distance travelling without support and emotions of race. When I had heard about it – I told my teammate Elena about it and she, fortunately, agreed.

What kind of trip you expect LWC to be?

First of all, it’ll be an ADVENTURE. For us it’s enough

Tell something about your team. Whats does the name stand for?

We met each other at University as a biologists (zoologists of vertebrates), but during last couple of years we have being taken part in dozen of rogains and we can say that we are a good team: we have the similar mindset in terms of races. Our team is like a good-working mechanism; maybe not fastest one, but very reliable. “7.62” is a caliber of the Russian Kalashnikov gun. But we are very peaceful girls 🙂

What is the longest distance you have traveled in terrain (by foot) in 24 hours?

As a team we’ve covered about 60+ km per day maximum, but both of us have done more mileage in 24 hours. For instance, Anna’s record is about 110 km\day and many times both of us did about 80–90 km (on the flat terrain).

What’s your goal in LWC? 

Of course, we hope to have a fun! We’re not sure about our good result in terms of 1-2-3-th places, but we are going to enjoy in process. However, certainly we’ll try to do our best.

Due to the travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus epidemic, team 7,62 can not participate LWC 2020, but we really hope to see the team in the next chapter of Lapland Wilderness Challenge!