Due to the coronavirus epidemic, we will announce no later than June 21 whether the event will be held or not. Until then, we will continue the arrangements as if nothing had happened.

Lapland Wilderness Challenge is a team challenge where participants try to find as many control points as possible in 5 days (and nights).

The event is located in the most remote and beautiful areas of Finnish Lappland, Kaldoaivi and Vätsäri.

The event is suitable for everyone who is able to survive 5 days in total wilderness and navigate through open fells, sparse forests and wet swamps.

Organizer: Metsäreitti

Please follow us on social media: Facebook Event | Instagram: @laplandwild #LWC2020 | Twitter: @LaplandWild #LWC2020

Last update: February 2, 2020 13:00 (UTC+3).

General information

  • Format: Mixed orienteering/rogaining
    • Navigating with map and compass
    • Moving by foot
    • You have to take control points in number order
    • Target time 5 days (120 hours)
      • Maximum time 5 days 6 hours
        • If a team misses the target time, it will get penalty
        • If a team misses maximum time, it won’t get official result
      • The team that completes the course first is the winner.
        • If no team is able to visit all control points, the one that finds most controls (before deadline) wins
        • If several teams have the same amount of control points, the one that has used least time wins
  • Qualification
    • Teams have to present some kind of proof of that they have experience of hiking several days in the wilderness
  • Timetable (small adjustments may occur)
    • Friday July 31st 2020
      • 6 pm: Team briefing (mandatory)
      • 7 pm: Dinner (optional)
    • Saturday August 1st
      • 8 am: Breakfast (optional)
      • 10 am: Gear check
      • 12 am: Start
    • Thursday August 6th
      • 12 am: Finish
      • 6 pm: Finish closes
      • 8 pm: Award ceremony + dinner (optional)
  • Entry Fee (per person)
    • 89 € Before 4th October 2019 (UTC+3)
    • 99 € Before 1st January 2020
    • 119 € Before 1st February 2020
    • 129 € Before 1st April 16th May 1st June 2020 (or the day when we finally announce whether the event will be held or not – June 21 at the latest).
    • 139 € Before 1st May June 2020
    • 149 € Before 11th July 2020

      >> Register here
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Course designer Jouni Junkkaala
    • background in orienteering (since 1970’s)
    • backpacking in Lapland since 1980’s
    • certified Class I course planner in orienteering (Finnish Orienteering Federation)
    • Course Planner of the Year, Finland 2016
    • Chief course planner, Finnish long distance championships in orienteering 2016
    • Course planner (Finnish mainland), Nordic Islands Adventure Race 2018 (5-day ARWS adventure race)
    • Course planner & Event director, Endurance Quest 2014 (24 h adventure race)
    • Head of Media and GPS Tracking, Endurance Quest 2012 (4-day ARWS adventure race)
    • Course planner in several rogaining and trail running events during 2018–2019
A short video clip from the area where the event is held


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